Canadian Meal Prep® is a sister company to Canadian Protein. Owned and operated out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Canadian Meal Prep® services the Ontario market with health and affordable meals, delivered straight to your door. 

All of our meals are prepared by Red Seal® Executive Chef Shawn Bucholtz, in our banquet kitchen located at Coachwood Golf & Country Club. As a result, every meal is prepared with the freshest of ingredients, beautifully presented, and frozen immediately in our large industrial freezer. All meals are taken from the freezer and packaged in an airtight thermal bubble wrapper and a shipping box, lined with cold packs. 

Canadian Meal Prep® was started because its founder, Dan Crosby, was frustrated with his experience shopping for meal prep companies in Ontario. He was frustrated by how expensive the meals were for not great quality. It was because of this he set out to make the best valued meal prep company in Canada.